10 plants that can withstand strong winds

Some areas are more susceptible to wind than others, such as those near coasts where there is no cold drizzle. However, some plants are very afraid of drafts and even hot, dry winds. Indeed, under the influence of the wind, their stems break or dry out. However, even if your garden is exposed in a place where the winds blow, it is possible to grow all kinds of plants. To help you out, here is a list of 10 plants that can withstand strong winds.

1) Jasmine star

Star jasmine is a plant that can be easily grown on a balcony or terrace exposed to winds.

jasmine star
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2) blink spring

Spring trap is a majestic tree that adapts well to the seashore.

spring knock
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3) Japanese charcoal

The Japanese spindle is one of the windbreak fence. It supports trimming well, which will allow you to have fun creating balls or other forms of spot art.

Japanese spindle Euonymus japonicus
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4) Chinese orange tree

The Chinese orange tree is a small flowering shrub that tolerates sea spray well.

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5) Yarrow

Yarrow tolerates cold winds well. In addition, it is a very aromatic plant and the wind will only spread its delicious aroma.

Credits: analogicus/Pixabay

6) bell flower

The bell does not exceed 30 cm. The wind won’t do much for him.

bell flower
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7) St. John’s wort

St. John’s wort is very resistant to hot, dry winds. It grows in any conditions and does not require maintenance.

St. John's wort
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8) Miscanthus

Despite its height, scoundrels are not afraid of hot and dry winds. It does not require care, but beware of its rapid spread.

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9) heather summer

Another plant that resists spraying: summer heather (Calluna vulgaris “Marlis”).

Summer Heather Calluna vulgaris 'Marlies'
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10) Boxwood

Boxwood resists strong winds and is the star of topiary art!

boxwood border
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