12 flowers herald spring!

What a joy to see the first colorful flowers herald the return of the beautiful season! Indeed, there are “spring signs” that appear with the gradual rise in temperatures. Most of these flowers are aromatic, meaning they provide the necessary food for bees and other pollinating insects to start the spring season on the right foot. Here are 12 flowers that herald spring!

spring bulbs

grape hyacinth

Muscari bulbs reveal beautiful dark blue, tubular flowers.

grape hyacinth
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Lilies are a classic in the spring garden. They bring a bit of verticality to the garden with their star-studded flower thorns.

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Muammar Al Rabie


Its flowers form funny hats and its leaves resemble hearts.

Elven flower Epimedium grandiflorum
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spring anemone

Spring anemones are showy red blossoms. Require little maintenance.

Spring Sesame
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flowering ground covers

do not forget me

Forget-me-nots are lovely little blue flowers that cover the ground when spring comes. It is very durable as it withstands negative temperatures of -20 ° C.

do not forget me
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lily of the valley

These small bell-shaped flowers are very fragrant.

spring culture lily of the valley
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flowering climbing plants


Wisteria is a wonderful waterfall plant. The tall liana reveals beautiful, fragrant, drooping purple flowers.

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Spring clematis

The advantage of clematis is that it blooms twice a year!

Jasmine in the wild
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flowering trees


Magnolias are distinguished by the presence of their flowers that appear before their leaves! It is a plant that imparts a light fragrance that does not transfer to the head.

magnolia pink primrose
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More commonly known as the Japanese cherry tree, the plum reveals many pink flowers.

cherry spring
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spring bushes

Chinese azalea

Chinese azaleas brighten the landscape with their yellow-orange flowers with long pistils.

orange azalea
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Forsythia is famous for its many star-shaped flowers that are almost covered in golden yellow in the tree!

Forsythia Spring
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