4 flowering cluster shrubs growing in the garden

Shrubs with clusters of flowering add some light to the landscape. In addition, these small floral waterfalls decorate the garden in rainbow colors. Some even give off a delicious scent that fills your space. Discover 4 flowering cluster shrubs to grow in the garden.

1) Corilopsis

Corylopsis is a medium-sized shrub whose habit extends horizontally. And it blooms in the form of small lanterns that appear in front of the leaves. These small flowers give off a pleasant scent reminiscent of spring flowers.

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2) flowering currant

flowering currants (more specifically bloody ribs) Aromatic shrub that smells similar to black currant. Big clusters of pink flowers fall like waterfalls down the small tree. Its light green leaves are also original and fragrant.

Most species of flowering currant are very hardy and can withstand temperatures up to -20 ° C.

bloody ribs
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3) loropetalum chinense

Loropetalum chinense is a shrub that blooms from February through April. Its gorgeous bright pink blossoms resembling a pom-pom contrast with the dark green, evergreen and oval foliage. Not very hardy, it is grown in regions with mild winters.

loropetalum chinense
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4) Garrya elliptica

The Garria Elliptica It is a shrub that often appears in the middle of winter. If its leaves are rather classic and reminiscent of oak leaves, the drooping flock of the male is especially striking. They are rather long, cream-colored or slightly pink. Moreover, female plants do not receive much attention and are rarely found in garden centers.

This evergreen shrub thrives in regions with a fairly mild climate where the winters are rather mild. Do not resist negative temperatures below -12 ° C. In the garden, protect it from the wind by planting it near a wall and protecting the base with a fairly thick mulch over the winter.

Garria Elliptica
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