4 flowering shrubs for winter fragrance

The rare flowers that can be seen in winter are delicate and fragrant, but they are present. Some of these powerful plants give off delicious scents to delight our nostrils. These flowering shrubs also allow the rare insects that are still present to feed and store. Discover 4 shrubs with fragrant flowers to beautify and warm the winter!

1) Viburnum with the smell of vanilla

While some types of viburnums have no scent, winter viburnums do not fall into this category. In fact, diversity Viburnum x Podentness Blooms from December and shows Delicious vanilla scent ! this smell greedy It emerges from the flowers, which have the form of small light pink balls that hang from the red-brown twigs.

Viburnum Viburnum x Podentness Dawn
Credits: dinkaspell/iStock

2) Honeysuckle with orange blossom scent

Honeysuckle is known for its light, refreshing scent. This is close to orange rose. It’s a very presentable fragrance and can sound too strong for those who don’t like neroli. In addition to perfuming space, honeysuckle is a plant melliferous. So bees love nectar. In winter, the branches are devoid of leaves, but they wear gorgeous little white flowers.

Credits: Buntysmum / Pixabay

3) Wintergreen with fruits and spices

If wintergreen flowers (Shimonathus bricox) is almost imperceptible, which is not the case for the smell it emits! Indeed, this fragrance blends Ingredients of fruits, spices and flowers Feels tens of meters from the plant. This deciduous shrub reveals slightly yellow, waxy, and purple blossoms. It is not very common in France, but it is entirely possible to grow it as long as it is exposed to full sun and protected from drafts.

Shimonanthus Shimonathus Pricox
Credits: Michelle VIARD/iStock

4) Daphne, a charming floral fragrance

Daphne releases a strong floral fragrance reminiscent of a blend of jasmine andeyelet. It has the peculiarity of flowering before making leaves. diversity Oreomarginata It blooms from January to March and reveals attractive bouquets of dark pink and sometimes cream-colored flowers.

Credits: Miya/Wikimedia Commons