6 shrubs to grow to enjoy pink flowers every season

Pink flowers bring some freshness and lightness to the garden. To put your favorite color in the spotlight outside, there are pink shrubs blooming for every season. So you can admire them all year round! You can install them in the ornamental garden, but also on the balcony, among hedges or in flower beds. Here are 6 shrubs to grow to enjoy the pink flowers every season.

Admire the pink flowers in winter

Winter is not known to be the most flowery season. However it is quite possible to enjoy the gorgeous pink flowers on the bare branches of some shrubs.

winter viburnum (Viburnum bodnantense “Dawn”)

The deciduous foliage of the viburnum is bronze in the spring, purple in the fall, and green in the summer. However, what intrigues us are the tiny, bright pink buds that turn into gorgeous bright pink blossoms during mild winter weather. It gives the cake a delicious vanilla-like aroma.

Winter viburnum
Credits: ARLOUK/pixabay

Japanese camellia ‘Sunny Side’ (Camellia japonica “Sunny Side”)

Japanese camellia blooms abundantly between December and February. Very hardy, withstands temperatures as low as -15 ° C. However, it has little resistance to wind and snow.

Camellia japonica sunny side
Credits: wiesdie/iStock

Admire the pink flowers in spring

American dogwood (Cornus Florida “Cherokee Chef”)

The American dogwood has large, four-flowered inflorescences that range from light pink to dark pink. However, they require well-drained soil to reveal their blooms.

large flowered dogwood
Credits: iStock/William Reagan

Andromeda galaxy with polylum leaves (Andromeda polyfolia “Blue Ice”)

Andromeda blooms from April to June. Features large clusters of small drooping pink flowers.

Andromeda Andromeda Polyfolia Blue Ice
Credits: Grigorii_Pisotckii/iStock

Admire the pink flowers in summer

Deutzia hybrid “Mount Rose” (Deutzia x “Mount Rose”)

Hybrid deutzie has a height of 3 meters and a width of 2 meters. During the summer, it reveals clusters of star-shaped flowers.

Deutzia hybrida Monte Rosa
Credits: Kseniya_Milner/iStock

Blue spirea (Caryopteris clandonensis ‘Pink Perfection’)

Its pink blooms from July to September in the form of dense flower balls. Its leaves are aromatic.

Credits: gkordus/iStock

Admire the pink flowers in the fall

Sage bush ‘Bloin’ (Salvia gamensis ‘Bloin’)

From May to November, the sage bush ‘Pluenn’ reveals a dazzling array of salmon pink flowers. Prefer to farm in a pot for cooler regions.

sage bush
Credits: Andrei Stanescu / iStock

Arbutus (Arbutus oneido ‘Rubra’)

The shrub is a very original shrub because it is not flowers, but clusters of small pink bells and spherical fruits that “bloom”. The fruits develop from yellow to red as they grow. Glowing bush as we see it many in the fall!

arbutus unedo rubra
Credits: Wikipedia