Coprosme: planting, planting and care

coprosum (Cuprum), also called the mirror plant, is a small shrub native to New Zealand. It has the peculiarity of the presence of shiny leaves that reflect light, hence the name mirror. Depending on the variety, its leaves can be green, pink, copper or purple. The plant can make small flowers at the end of summer, but that’s not the most we remember about this plant. Since it is not very hardy, it is mainly grown in pots or planters on the balcony or terrace in order to be placed under cover during the winter.

Where and when do you grow cupro?

The ideal period for planting locusts is The autumn. Prefers exposure to the sun, but partial shade is also suitable for her. Although it is not very hardy (about -3 ° C), this plant grows well on the coast. In fact, it is splash and drought resistant.

Earth must be good drained and new. It can be slightly acidic, but not chalky. Finally, it should be lush, but not very rich either.

Coprosma Coprosma
Credits: Nahhan/iStock

Planting and care tips

Planting can be done in the ground, in pots, or even by seed. It is also possible to make semi-woody stem cuttings in September. Inland cultivation is intended for regions with a warm climate.

Watering should be regular, especially in the first two years. This will allow your plant to take root well. After two years, watering is no longer necessary if your plant is outside. For potted subjects, one watering per week during spring and summer is sufficient.

Pruning is not required, but if you want to cut off damaged or dead shoots, do so between April and August.

In winter, put the pots in a cool room.

This shrub is very hardy, but it can sometimes fall victim to expanding insects.