How do you keep the garden bright during the winter?

When the cold sets in, it is a real blow to the plants in the garden. In fact, the soil being so cold and wet, it doesn’t really allow the plants to thrive. So they dampen out in order to come back with more force in the summer. However, there are tips and hardy plants that can make your garden sparkle even in the middle of winter! Here are all our tips for keeping your garden looking bright during the winter.

1) Color your plants

To decorate a cold winter landscape, play with colors! You can actually achieve great contrasts with the snow, fog and low clouds of the season. For this, go to berry bushes like Hawthorn, holly, mountain ash, spindle or even cotoneaster. Red or orange berries will bring in touches of color, making the landscape look even warmer.

Raspberry bushes aren’t the only ones coloring the garden. Some succulent plants such as the Sedum variety (Garden stonecrop) are used in harsh environments and will retain their colors! Don’t forget the colorful forests like those of some trees: willow, osser (aka the king of winter), hazel, dogwood, birch, Tibetan cherry trees… The trunks and branches are graphic and colorful.

new year winter holly plants
Credits: Scoobers/iStock

2) evergreen plants

An evergreen plant with evergreen foliage. So these plants keep their leaves bright green throughout the months of the year, even in winter. So, consider anticipating the cold season during the summer by planting shrubs, hedges, and shrubs with foliage of different textures and different shades of green! We advise you: Fern, boxwood, laurel cherry Otto Loeken, holy olive, ivy, osmanthus, conifers or even photinia.

Credits: jackmac34 / Pixabay

3) winter flowers

Yes there are flowers that bloom in winter! Not only do these hardy perennials color the outdoors with their vibrant blooms, but they also offer different scents that fill your entire garden with fragrance. There are flowers, but also flowering shrubs. Feel free to install in your garden: cyclamen, pansy, snowdrops, hellebore, heather, daphne, winterbush, witch hazel, dogwood… You can also leave the last blooms of roses or hydrangeas to freeze, which will freeze in the landscape.

Credits: armennano/Pixabay

4) Graphic plants

A few painted and colorful plants will allow you to build your garden while making it brighter. The Blue thistle, azurite, physalis or echinacea It will adapt perfectly to frost and snow while making your garden more beautiful! Also think of the miscanthus and its silver ears, which will look great as the year-end festivities approach.

blue thistle flower
Credits: strecosa/Pixabay

5) Cut a little later

One last little tip to make your garden bright during winter: Postponement of pruning work ! Make the most of your plants before you decide to cut and clean them. Then let it dry completely. You can then restore these branches to make dried bouquets or potpourri.

Credits: Pixabay