Sea buckthorn: planting, growing, care and harvest

Sea buckthorn (not to be confused with the strawberry tree) is a thorny shrub that can reach 5 meters in height. With many colorful and edible fruits that can be harvested during the winter, this highly resistant shrub will bring color to the garden during this season. Easy to grow, this plant adapts well to our outdoors. Here are all our tips for growing sea buckthorn.

Where, when and how to plant sea buckthorn?

Sea buckthorn is not picky about the composition of the soil in which it is grown. It suffices to have this light we will drain. However, exposure is important. It is necessary to choose a place where the sun is present throughout the year. Well resistant to dry weather, can be planted in spring or fall.

To grow sea buckthorn, nothing could be simpler. Bring wide and deep hole. If the subject is in a vase, remove the latter and lighten the roots a little to free them from the soil. Add a stake in the hole in the bush, then tamp the soil well to fill it in. Tie your tree with a stake, preferably in an 8-shaped knot.

sea ​​buckthorn
Credits: elena_hramowa/iStock

sea ​​buckthorn maintenance

The advantage of this shrub is that it does not require any special attention. Simply enough to Pruning during the early years Remove dead branches as you go.

It is not susceptible to disease and does not appear to attract any pests.

sea ​​buckthorn fruit

The yellow-orange berries are harvested from late fall and all winter long. Before harvesting, be sure to protect yourself, because thorns Make the task of picking rather complicated.

Probably shake the bush In order to make the fruits fall on them tarp Or a piece of cloth on the floor. Clean the fruit with water. It can be eaten plain, but it can also be eaten in other forms such as juice, syrup or jam. They will add a sweet touch to your yogurt.