The pistachio tree: its planting, cultivation, maintenance and harvest

The pistachio tree is a small tree, semi-shrub, with exquisite foliage and delicious fruit. However, among the many types of pistachio trees that exist, only one produces the famous pistachio that we know: pista vera . As for other ornamental pistachio trees, they have beautiful deciduous or evergreen foliage. Here are our tips on growing, caring for, and harvesting a pistachio tree.

Where and when is the pistachio tree planted?

pistachio tree plant little rustic. Therefore, it is grown mainly in the south of France in Mediterranean gardens. It needs plenty of sunlight to thrive, and if it fears cold, frost and humidity, it adapts well to dry weather. With all of these conditions met, the ideal time to plant a pistachio tree is in the spring.

The pistachio tree must be fully revealed the sun and requires land fertile Especially well. Does not like heavy and too wet soil. You also need a space as it averages 6m in height and can be up to 15m in height!

pistachio tree vera
Credits: Ale02 / iStock

How do we plant a pistachio tree?

  • Begin by digging a hole 30 cm deep and wide.
  • Add a mixture of potting soil and sand to the bottom. Enter garden soil.
  • Untangle the roots of the thread after removing it from the container.
  • Place the tree in the center of the hole and place a dowel.
  • Fill the hole with the rest of the soil and ram it. Be careful not to bury the collar, which should remain on the surface of the soil.
  • Carefully tie the tree to the stake.
  • water generously

Good to know: Some threads are sold in “naked roots”. Before planting, cut off the roots.

pistachio tree vera
Credits: InstCaner / iStock

How do you preserve the pistachio tree?

Pistachio tree maintenance is very basic. Just make a small file Cuts to delete dead wood and damaged branches.

During the early years of cultivation, water regularly, but without excess. The soil should dry out completely between two waterings.

Feel free to shovel the soil surface and add potting soil once per year to nourish the soil.

pistachio harvest

If you decide to grow a pista veraYou have to be patient because the fruits do not appear until 7 years after planting. Harvesting is carried out at the end of summer when the structures open. You should then remove the peel, the envelope that surrounds the fruit and makes it bitter.