Vibrant shrub all year round

The Japanese shrub is a shrub that reveals beautiful blooms in the spring and gorgeous red berries during the winter. With just a little maintenance, you are sure to get that stunning bloom. On the other hand, to get bright red berries, it is necessary to plant a male foot and a female foot. This is the secret of successful fruiting. But don’t panic, here are all our tips for growing Japanese chemists.

Where and when are Japanese chemicals grown?

For better rooting, the best time for planting is autumn. However, with regular watering, it is possible to sow kimia in the spring.

Heather soil is ideal for cream because it likes acidic soil. The soil should also be humus, not calcareous.

Japan skimmia
Credits: t sableaux / iStock

How to plant Japanese chemists?

It is possible to grow cymia both in pots and in the ground.

For cultivation in the ground, only :

  • Add heather soil to garden soil
  • Space each plant 40 to 60 cm apart to create a nice hedge.
  • Choose a semi-shaded position

For planting pots, it is recommended :

  • Make a mixture of 1/3 potting soil and 2/3 heather soil
  • The pot must be dug at the bottom
  • A layer of gravel or clay gravel is needed for drainage
Japan skimmia
Credits: Beton studio / iStock

How do you maintain a Skimia?

In pots, watering is enough every time the soil dries out. In the open ground, watering is necessary only in times of drought. Also, to keep the soil cool, consider covering the base with pine bark.

Pruning is not necessary, but you can intervene after flowering to give it a beautiful shape.

It is possible to propagate chemia by cuttings during the summer.