What is a hardy plant?

Temperatures drop, winter arrives and nature seems to be holding its breath in the misty cold. The number of plants is less than in the summer, but they are not completely absent. Indeed, when the weather approaches negative temperatures, frost-resistant plants reveal their strength. We can then see them in the wild landscape, but also in the garden. In winter, you simply have to know which plants to plant: these are very hardy plants and we invite you to discover some of them.

What is a hardy plant?

It is important to know the hardiness of the plant. This allows you to know when it was planted, planted, or harvested. Indeed, as we see, not all species are equal and some prefer heat, others moisture, dry weather, cold, shade, etc.

A hardy plant is a cold tolerant plant. The higher its hardness on the negative side, the more resistant it is to the harshest weather conditions in winter. For example, the hardness of winter jasmine is -15 ° C, that is, -15 ° C The lowest temperature a plant can withstand, and no longer live below it. This still leaves good wiggle room before these temperatures are reached. Thus we can say that the hardiness of winter jasmine is strong.

winter jasmine
Credits: Tappancs/Pixabay

However, there is still a nuance that must be taken into account. The hardness of -15 ° C does not correspond to the outside temperature as such, but rather The temperature felt by the plant. If the ground is wet, it will be much cooler, especially if the wind is blowing. Adding a temperature of -5°C outside to these factors causes the feeling of -15°C. This is why plant exposure is so important. If you put your plants protected from the wind, in a vase and surrounded by a wall, they will generate more the heat.

If all factors are good (light, well-drained soil, not moist, exposure to sunlight and protected from wind), you can match the hardness to the outside temperature. This requires Get to know your garden well and its environment!

hardy plants

Here is a small, non-exhaustive list of powerful plants:


  • Columbine (-20°C)
  • Rudbeckia (-15 °C)
  • Carpathian bell (-20 °C)


  • Winter jasmine (-15 °C)
  • Climbing hydrangea (-20 °C)
  • Glycine (-15 °C)

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