Why prune your roses in March?

March is the perfect month to prune your roses! This is valid for any type of rose bush, whether it is climbing, bushy, ascending, etc. Of course, autumn is also a good time, as is the end of winter. Find out why it is best to prune roses in March.

Pruning roses in March

In March, the days get longer and longer and temperatures slowly rise. This allows you to spend more time in your garden and prepare all future spring crops. From this moment you can start to care The size of your roses.

For some regions, it is possible to start this work in February, but for regions with colder winters, it is better to wait until March. It is even possible to postpone until April. still there Exception for non-remaining roses They are pruned right after the end of flowering during August.

Credits: jackmac34 / Pixabay

Pruning roses is an important step that should not be overlooked. In fact, if you don’t take care of it, you risk seeing buds of young wood, which is well known Choke roses by depriving them of light.

It is also necessary to remove faded flowers as you progress, because as with most plants, this Depletes the rose bush unnecessarily. In fact, faded roses turn into fruits and thus produce seeds that attract the sap of the plant that is supposed to nourish the smallest branches. Thus, they are deprived of the sap necessary for their proper growth.

Things to know

Light plays an important role in the growth of roses. The heart of the plant needs it and the wind It must be able to pass between branches. This is why pruning is important: the elements must be able to reach the rosebud.

Size remains a delicate gesture, because it is important not to cut the buds at the risk of seeing fewer flowers appear. However it is possible that sap stimulation Towards new branches by lowering the rose bush more than two-thirds of its height.

The tools are just as important as the gestures that need to be made. They must be cleansed So as not to transmit diseases. Think also of to burn Prune diseased to prevent its spread in the garden.

Take care of the flowers and they will reward you. You’ll notice it quickly with its abundant blooms.